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Level 1 Strength Training

I started instructing at Farrell's in the summer of 2018, after joining in October of 2017. I watched my best friend start the previous session and she had become stronger, happier, and healthier in such a short period of time and I wanted in.

There are so many great things about being an instructor at Farrell's! First, I love helping people become a better, stronger, healthier version of themselves. Second, I really enjoy the extra push I get in my workout by being in front of the class. Plus, it's super fun!

By my calculation, I have attended well over 200 classes at Farrell's, made so many new friends, and have a new found appreciation for my own personal health, as well as those who I work out with. My clothes fit better, I sleep better and my doctor said I was CRUSHING the goals she gave me for weight loss. I completed the full Tough Mudder (10 miles), Rugged Maniac (3 miles), and plan on doing the Spartan Race (3-5 miles), too. I also managed to get my husband to join, and he's had even better results than me - it's a family affair!

You can find me on Instagram at yo_ktkc - I like to post pictures occasionally... mostly of my dog and child!

I've been so happy with my experience at Farrell's, and I am so happy that I found a place to build healthy habits around. Plus, the people here are pretty amazing!

Level 2 Strength and Level 2 Kickboxing

I signed up for the Farrell’s 10-Week Challenge in White Bear in January of 2016. It wasn’t exactly my idea, but sometimes peer pressure can get you to a good place. I really thought I would finish my 10 weeks and that would satisfy my friends - after all, I already belonged to a gym. During orientation, one of the owners, Justin Gordon, talked about his fitness journey and said he wanted to stay fit as he grew older. As a guy closing in on 60, that got me thinking. I grew up with family and friends who had really declined as they got older, and while some didn’t have a choice, some did. During those 10 weeks I started thinking more about choosing how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Did I want to be out doing things or sitting home watching things?

I finished my 10 weeks (perfect attendance) but really struggled with nutrition. I signed up for another year, found a great workout partner (thanks Curt!) and started taking the nutrition part more seriously. I got better - sometimes I fell off the nutrition wagon and missed a class or two, but I got my act together and kept working out and paying more attention to my diet. One thing led to another and I started teaching at White Bear and got interested in owning a gym.

Well, be careful what you wish for because sometimes it happens. Somewhere along the line Dale and I talked about owning a Farrell’s and a few months later, on October 1, 2017, at 4:30AM, we were unlocking the doors to Eden Prairie. I truly believe that working out with a class is the hardest I will ever push myself. We have met awesome members and are lucky to have outstanding instructors. Farrell’s has built an amazing program and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Level One Strength/Kickboxing

I've been instructing at Farrell's for about a year and a half. I found Farrell's when I realized that a traditional gym setting just wasn't for me. I never pushed myself and wasn't sure I was doing things correctly. I quit smoking and had gained a little weight and was really looking for something that would motivate me and actually produce results. I found Farrell's in 2015 and started my 10 week session in the summer at the Woodbury location and I fell in love with the program, coaches, and instructors. When I moved to the South Metro in 2016 I switched to the Eden Prairie location and joined my new Farrell's family! I am now the Head Coach and an Instructor and I enjoy sharing my passion for this program with all new and FIT members!

My favorite part about instructing is having the ability to push the other members during their work out. I definitely enjoy being a motivator to everyone and giving the class a different style of workout.

Farrell's has really changed my lifestyle for the better. My initial milestone was to lose 20 pounds. I was able to accomplish this after about six months. And now I'm always striving to build more muscle and maintain all of my hard work. I also never imagined I would become a participant in any type of race and I now have one full Tough Mudder, two Rugged Maniac 5Ks, and one Farrell's 5K.

My favorite cheat meal is brunch - I am on a never ending search for the best biscuits and gravy. So feel free to share any recommendations you might have for me!

Level 1 Strength Training / Level 1 Kickboxing

I've been instructing for FXB Eden Prairie since May of 2017. One of my very best friends did the FXB program in Sioux Falls, SD, and her transformation into someone who loved herself was amazing to watch, and I wanted in! I knew myself, and knew that I couldn't keep to a workout routine on my own. I needed the structure and the support.

I love instructing at Farrell's and getting to know everyone! Teaching the morning classes is so fun because I tell the worst jokes to see if anyone is awake and listening. If I get at least one eye roll, I know it's going to be an amusing day.

I've gained about 10 pounds of muscle since I've started. I'm up to around 65 push-ups a minute, lifting heavier than ever! I'm also sleeping so much better than I did before. And I've shaved over six minutes off my mile time!

Follow me on Instagram at kjbearanator - I love to post fun new foods and workout pics. And if I'm not at the gym, you can usually find me in the lab or crocheting a baby blanket!

Level 2 Strength and Level 2 Kickboxing

I came to Farrell's four years ago with my husband because we wanted to try something new and get healthy. I've now been teaching here for three years and I've gained confidence, friendship, and so much more.

I truly enjoy meeting new people and helping people with their health goals. I also love seeing how people transform.

Level 2 Strength Training & Level 2 Kickboxing

I started instructing at Farrell's in July of 2016, to help push myself to the next level, but hopefully to also push and inspire others around me. The hugs and tears I’ve shared with members at the end of their ten week journeys is an incredible feeling.

I originally joined Farrell’s because a “pesty” co-worker talked me into it - life is busy. I work full time, have three kids, a fabulous husband, but am always making sure everyone else is taken care of before I take care of myself. Joining Farrell’s gave me 45 minutes every day where I could focus on me. Those 45 minutes quickly pooled over into my entire day….eating healthier, feeling better, having more energy, and sleeping better because of Farrell’s. I now look forward to the part of my day when I get to walk into Farrell’s and be surrounded by friends who feel like family.

My favorite part of instructing is seeing everyone push themselves and eachother! I love being part of each member's journey and like to think I make a small impact on their Farrell’s success!

In my free time I lead my daughter's Girl Scout troop, enjoy being outdoors and playing bags with my husband.

Level 1 Kickboxing

I've been instructing at Farrell's for two years after joining with my wife. I have an extensive athletic background including football, baseball and wrestling. And I wrestled in college, but since then, had lost track of my fitness.

What I like most about instructing is knowing I’ve helped push people past what they felt they could do. I’ve attended hundreds of classes over the years, lost a decent amount of weight and changed my body - and you can, too. Join us, we work hard and have fun doing it!

Level 2 Strength and Level 2 Kickboxing

I've been instructing at Farrell's for two years - I was actually the first person to join at this location AND I was the first $1K 10 Week winner.

When they were moving in to this location, I walked by and thought it looked fun. I signed up and the rest is history. It's a really fun place to be and I love to have fun - I even convinced my brother to join this past winter.

In two years I've taught or attended over 500 classes and I still look forward to doing more.

Level 2 Kickboxing and Strength Training

I've been instructing at Farrell's for three years (time flies when you're having fun!). I joined because I was tired of feeling out of shape and I wanted to look and feel better and saw some friends had gone through the program and I HAD to try it!

What I love most about Farrell's is being able to support people being healthier versions of themselves! There is truly nothing more motivating.

In the three years I've been here, I've hit so many milestones. My clothes fit better, I’m stronger, and feel so much more capable now that I ENJOY working out! I'm pretty sure I’m over 500 classes attended at Farrell's in the last 2.5 years, which is pretty cool!

If you’re on the fence about joining the 10-week program or joining the FIT fam, just do it! I’ve never been a part of such a supportive gym that gives you the accountability and push to be your best self!

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